Laser Welding

Laser welding has the capability to deliver weld beads as small as .005.This precise technique reduces finishing time and re-machining, thus increasing our customers’ productivity.Laser welding provides extremely precise control of the weld location within a few thousands of an inch away from areas that are not to be disturbedand welded surfaces can be easily cleaned and smoothed after treatment – reducing re-machining costs and downtime.

We offer a unique one-stop tool shop where all of your repair needs can be met – all under one roof.Typically when a mold is damaged, the tool is disassembled, the damage is assessed, the damaged parts are shipped out for laser welding, where at least 3-5 days are lost in shipping back and forth.We have the ability to do the micro welding in house, which can save our customers 3-5 days off repair times and get your tools back up and running quickly.

Whether it is a damage, wear and tear, or change of work piece design, laser welding assists modifications and repairs on molds and tools, quickly, precisely, and without loss of form. Only minor finishing is required since the deposit application is similar to the original contour. The laser fusion welding process allows fine energy dosing: Only a small volume of material is melted, thus avoiding tension. The tensile strength of the basis material can be reproduced by using a selection of filler wires. A subsequent heat-treatment is not necessary.

Kaplun Manufacturing stocks a large variety of micro wire ranging from .005 to .030 dia wires including:

Steels , Tool Steels , Stainless steels and aluminum.

When you are searching for a fast, easy and exact mold repair welding process, laser welding with wire is the proper solution. Laser welding with wire is a very precise repair welding technique for building up material on molds which were over-machined or worn down through excessive use.

Laser welding mold repair saves money, time, and resources. The proper filler material is selected based on the size of the repair and the coating requirements. A wide range of filler materials are available to you.


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