Kaplun Manufacturing has expert experience in all aspects of gunsmithing. Our facility is licensed in manufacturing and Class 3 weapons, and our designs are custom engineered to provide reduced weight, better balance, and improved grip and friction when in mud, water and other adverse conditions. Our services include custom slide milling, laser stippling and laser engraving.

Products & Services

Slide Milling

The Kaplun Glock® slides are the ideal upgrade for your sidearm. Enhance your stock pistol, or add it to an 80% build for increased accuracy and reliability. These slides are manufactured from 416 billet stainless steel and heat treated to 38-40 rockwell to have tighter tolerances than a factory slide, providing increased accuracy and reliability you can count on.

Choose from one of our custom packages or send us your Glock® slide for customization.

Customize your Glock® frame today with one of our many laser stippling patterns to enhance both function and beauty of your everyday carry or duty firearm. 

Select from one of 30 custom designs or Request a Quote to work with us on a custom design.

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