Benefits of Laser Services by Kaplun MFG

Benefits of Laser Services by Kaplun MFG

Laser marking technology provides a versatile solution to a variety of customers from various industries. With the right laser technology, industrial, commercial, and other organizations can gratify their needs for all laser services such as engraving, marking, welding, and stippling a variety of different materials. Below, are the key benefits associated with using the latest laser marketing technology.

Laser Machines Offer Flexibility and Versatility

Laser machines are flexible and versatile in the sense that they can perform different operations depending on how the user configures their settings. Laser engraving, marking, welding, spilling, and even laser cutting can all be performed by the same machine with different operating conditions, and each function lends itself to different types of applications. Here’s a brief description of how each function and how they’re different:

Laser engraving: At Kaplun MFG, we utilize the latest in laser marking technology to provide customers from various industries with precise and accurate laser engraving or laser marking. Our machines use high-powered lasers to vaporize the surface of a variety of materials, leaving a visible marking with a depth between 0.02″ and 0.125″. Laser engraving is a useful process for personalizing or customizing an object but may be inappropriate for industrial parts-marking application as the depth of the cut can compromise aspects of the material that are critical to its performance.

Laser welding: We offer a unique one-stop tool shop where all of your repair needs can be met – all under one roof. We have the ability to do the micro welding in house, which saves our customers 3 to 5 days of repair time and gets your tools back up and running quickly. Whether it’s damage, wear and tear, or change of work piece design, laser welding assists modifications and repairs on molds and tools, quickly, precisely, and without loss of form.

Kaplun Manufacturing stocks a large variety of micro wire ranging from .005 to .030 dia wires including:

  • Steels
  • Tool Steels
  • Stainless Steels
  • Aluminum

Laser stippling: Laser stippling is a new technique that gives your firearm a unique frame to enhance both function and beauty. Our high-tech laser engraves a stippled pattern into your Glock and unlike most other stipple jobs, this laser engraved pattern is uniform and precise. This alters your frame permanently and makes your grip extremely sturdy so that it stays in your hand under even the most humid conditions.

Laser Machines Are Safe, Reliable, and Precise

A computer numerically controlled (CNC) machine delivers safety, reliability, and precision through absolute consistency and minimized risks. Compared to mechanical cutting, laser cutting offers:

  • the ability to apply finish to a product
  • no direct contact between the material and the laser cutter, reducing the likelihood of material contamination or an accidental marking
  • less heat generated in a smaller area, reducing the risk that the material will become deformed or misshapen at the cutting site

With lasers, the time and labor needed to set up an engraving job were also reduced, and laser engraving is used to mark a wider variety of metals and other materials. Thanks to its CNC interface, laser markers produce consistent markings on a variety of materials, even of different shapes, with 99.9% accuracy.

Laser Machines Work With A Variety of Materials 

Laser marking applications include laser engraving of graphics, company logos, bar codes, product identification numbers, serial or part numbers (sequential or nonsequential), alpha/numeric characters, plain text, or 2D codes.

Laser marking can be done on many regular, anodized, painted, or plated metal surfaces such as stainless steel, tool steel, titanium, ceramics, aluminum, brass, copper, and plastics. KaplunMFG can also mark hard to reach areas, curves, contours, and more with no secondary or post-processing is required.

Located in Pompano Beach, Florida, we utilize a fleet of CNC milling, turning, EDM and laser equipment, an efficiently laid out manufacturing facility, and the dedication of a knowledgeable workforce to meet customer expectations. For more information, contact us online!

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