3 Ways to Customize Your Firearm with Precision Engraving

3 Ways to Customize Your Firearm with Precision Engraving

Firearms can be extremely personal items for gun owners and enthusiasts. Whether they own a gun for hunting or protection, gun owners want their pieces to look as good as they function. Some enthusiasts also want custom parts for their weapons. At Kaplun Manufacturing, we use various precision machinery tactics to produce high-quality customizations for firearms. Here are three ways you can customize your gun with precision laser services from Kaplun Manufacturing.

Enhanced Slide Milling

At Kaplun Manufacturing, we use precision, laser machinery to create the ideal slide for Glock firearms. Our custom Kaplun Glock® slides are the ideal upgrade for your sidearm. These enhanced slides improve the performance of stock Glock pistols. Our slides can also be used to complete an 80 percent build. In either case, using Kaplun Glock® slides will lead to increased accuracy and reliability. These slides are manufactured from 416 billets stainless steel and heat-treated to 38-40 Rockwell to have tighter tolerances than a factory slide.

Custom Stippling Patterns

It’s not an element of gun design that gets a lot of attention, but the stippling on the handle of a gun makes it easier to grip and use.  A stippled grip for your Glock alters your frame permanently with a different pattern that makes your grip extremely tacky. With a stippled grip, the gun stays put in your hand under, even the most humid conditions. The pattern also adds to the aesthetic of a firearm. You can customize your Glock by letting Kaplun Manufacturing laser engrave custom stippling designs on your firearm. Having a unique stippling pattern can improve the functionality of the gun by making it easier to handle. Plus, it also makes the gun look, for lack of a better word, “cooler.” We do laser stippling for Glock 17, Glock 19, and Glock 43 models.

Custom Engraving

Most guns spend more time looking good on gun racks than they do being fired. Some gun owners like to improve the look of their firearm by adding custom imagery. At Kaplun Manufacturing, we can customize guns by engraving images with precise accuracy. The level of precision allows us to make intricate designs that look great on the handle of any weapon. Some of our more popular designs include a map of America that has the US flag in the interior. We also have a Confederate flag and many more. It doesn’t even have to be for a firearm. At Kaplun Manufacturing, we engrave on any material except glass and wood.

You can trust Kaplun Manufacturing to produce high-quality customizations and enhancements for your gun. Our facility is licensed in manufacturing and Class 3 weapons, and our designs are custom engineered to provide reduced weight, better balance, and improved grip and friction when in mud, water, and other adverse conditions. If you have a question about a custom gun part you need to be created, send Kaplan Manufacturing a message online.

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